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Exclusive, functional and high-quality web design.

Visual satisfaction, efficiency and traffic optimization through SEO.


Upgrade and expand your ecommerce site organizing your product catalog to easily manage sales.


You already have a website and you want to update it or make changes?

No problem! I also do maintenance of your website to keep it updated and ready to use.


Creation of unique images with an aesthetic according to the design of the website, or to use in social media.


The poster design of an artistic project is the hallmark of a work’s potential audience.

It should be something that identifies you as a creator but also reflects the essence of the piece in a simple and direct way.

To achieve this, communication and artistic sensitivity with the creator must be authentic.

Absolutely all this I found with Internet Country.

Manuel Minaya – Colectivo Fango

Internet Country did an incredible job of our website.

Ana understood our aesthetics, branding, and personality and translated those elements into a website that represents everything that we stand for at Samurai Spoon.

The website was built quickly and efficiently, taking care of all the small details. 

We could not be happier!

Samurai Spoon

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ana by hiring the services of her company Internet Country.

I recommend it 100% for the professionalism.

I have been delighted with the result.

Eila Siverio – Proyecto Siberia

Do you have questions about web development?

Contact me without compromise.

1 – Contact me through and tell me what you need.

2 – I will prepare a budget and a delivery date that suits your needs.

3 – There are 2 options for the web content:

          – You send me your own material.

          – You hire, as an addition, the visual content creation service for an extra cost.

4 – I help you with everything related to the domain and hosting.

5 – You can now enjoy your website!


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